Monday, August 9, 2010

A Quick, Non-Detailed List of What We Did This Weekend

1. Spencer and I got ice cream and saw a movie with my brother and his wife. (I really liked Charlie St. Cloud.)
2. I ran 6 miles (Go, Me!).
3. We attended a party with my family.
4. We attended a party with Spencer's family (Happy 80th birthday, Bert!).
5. We decided to move.
6. We went to church.
7. We had all of my family over for dinner, visiting, and playing (we missed you, Orangevale Fishes!).
8. Bri and I went to choir practice.

It's been a full, fun weekend. Here's a picture of all the girls at my family party.


Coles Fam said...

Well, that was quite an anouncement in the middle of your list! :) Where are you guys moving to?
Charlie St. Cloud was a good movie wasn't it? Jimmy took me there for my "birthday date". Sounds like a wonderful weekend.

Jess said...

Move??? Please elaborate.