Monday, August 16, 2010

Little By Little

This is the lighter color of blue that is on 3 of the walls in what will be the boys' room.  Still to do:  paint the darker blue on the 4th wall and the ceiling, hang the light, put up curtains of some kind, replace the outlet covers.

This cute armoire is a find.  It is our new "pantry."

There's still stuff hanging around all over the place, but we got the desk moved to the north wall, which included moving the cable for the internet.  We've also turned the dining table 90 degrees.  I don't like it that way yet, but when it's all put together, I think this will be the best option.

There are three bookshelves that need to come upstairs.  I finally made the kids take care of one of them today.  (Did you know that children--even big ones--do not help until given specific instructions?  *sigh*)

Little by little we are getting this move moving!


Bow Baby said...

Mom what is the name of aunt becky's blog? And did you know that I love you so so so so so much!? It's the truth!

Amy said...

Dang. I was hoping Tommy would learn to do stuff without being asked. Eh well, I'm good at being bossy.