Sunday, August 15, 2010

In the Meantime

My sister and her children have been staying with us this past week. Count 'em, folks. That's 18 people living in our home this week.

It has been a really fun week--I've loved every minute of it!

Spencer has spent some quality time in our bedroom with the door closed. I married the best man in the world, and when he's over-stimulated, he's cool to just run away like that. OK, I admit it. I joined him several times.

I took a day off from work this week in order to see my dad and his friends (The Valleymen) do a gig. It was a lot of fun. That night we were supposed to all get together (the adults) and have dinner. It didn't work out for me and Spencer, which basically makes me wanna cry.

When my parents and my sister and her family pulled out of our driveway this morning to make the trek back to Cal, I did cry.

In the meantime, Friday night was Ashtyn's Sweet 16 birthday party. I didn't count the kids who came; but based on the decibel level and Sassy's blog, it was a success. Many, many thanks to Aunt Tiff, who provided SOO much food, set up, cleaned up, and disappeared with her children so the little ones didn't cramp the style of the teenagers. :)

In the meantime, we're still trying to get our house moved to the upstairs. My brother's family has been fabulous to give us some time to do all of this. Briana moved from her room into Ashtyn's room this week. Give her a lot of credit--this is no small feat! Yesterday we got that room 1/2 painted. We will shoot for the 2nd color (aka "other half") tomorrow. The remainder of the week can be spent getting the boys moved and settled into that bedroom, which will open the other upstairs bedroom for painting next weekend.

In the meantime, Spencer leaves this morning for a week of training in Seattle. I have a feeling that eventually we will be in Seattle. The company is there; so if Spencer wants to grow in the company, I think we will have to be there. In the meantime, however, SLC has some fabulous things happening which make us very grateful.

And in the meantime, this week I accepted another new position at work. Once again it is a lateral move for me. But I hope it will mean staying busy and receiving some new challenges and learning some new things. My first official day is a week from tomorrow, but I've already spent about 15 hours there, doing some training with the woman who is leaving.

In the meantime, we are in training for the Ragnar Relay in Las Vegas in October. The next ward activity is on September 11th. Sterling Singers started rehearsals again, preparing for our Christmas performances. The kids' school starts in a week and a half.

I'm either SuperWoman or completely bonkers.

Or both. :)


Amy said...

Both. Oh wait. That wasn't a question was it? Well, if we were voting....

You are one lucky woman.

Jess said...

My head started hurting just reading. I was exhausted by the time it ended! You are amazing and while life is full it truly does seem blessed. Good luck need it!