Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I Have OCD Tendencies, But...

I have a cute ruffly sweater, which I keep at work.  I like to have it around for those (frequent) moments when I get chilly.  I also have a fabulous pink jacket.  I wear my jacket to work often because it's always cold on the morning bus.  My cubicle has a great coat hanger, where I hang my cute ruffly sweater.  My fabulous pink jacket goes onto the great coat hanger over the cute ruffly sweater.

This morning a man I work with walked into my cube area saying, "OK, it's driving me crazy."  And he straightened my fabulous pink jacket on its great coat hanger over the top of the cute ruffly sweater.

I felt like I needed to apologize.  Can you explain that to me?


Amy said...

:D You should apologize, then in order to make it even you should straighten something of someone else's at work. It's paying it forward, but better.