Thursday, August 5, 2010


I took the dog running with me the other day. I came home with three large blisters on my left hand, one of which had popped before I got home. That one was located on an inside knuckle and it was very sore for several days.

I HATE that the dog ruined my run!

Today that sore is finally in a definite healing mode. The broken skin has gotten hard. It doesn't hurt to bend or straighten my finger. But it keeps snagging on things.

And now you know.


Jess said...

Dang...And I thought that getting a dog would be my good excuse to run! I didn't realize it could be more obnoxious than protection. Oh and btw, name a day and I will be there to take your pictures! I would love to as long as you know that if you like my pictures it is all luck, not because I have a clue what I am doing!